Peter Davis, Martina Klein: 2 June – 30 June 2018

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition with a new series of small works by British artist Peter Davis and German artist Martina Klein. The exhibition opens Saturday June 2 and will run until June 30.

Martina Klein makes monochrome canvases, which are most of the time not just hanging on the wall, but they stand against the wall or stand free in space, like an object. According to Klein the composition is not made in the painting itself but occurs in the space, within the relation of other paintings. The various monochromes make a choreography of colour planes that defines the space and gives it character. She builds up her painting with several layers of self-made recipes of paint. Adding more pigments to the oil, gives the painting a radiant effect. Her specific use of colours and the way of painting gives her work an extra quality. Recently she cuts the canvases loose of the stretchers, so that they hang partly free form their support. For this exhibition she will show a new series of some small of these free hanging canvases, supported by a wooden shell.

Klein, born in 1962 in Trier (DE), lives and works in Düsseldorf, where she had her first solo exhibition at Konrad Fischer Galerie. Nowadays she regularly exhibits at Galerie Tschudi in Zuoz (CH) and at Slewe Gallery. In 2004 she had an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede. In 2009 she showed at Kunstraum Alexander Buerkle in Freiburg and in 2012 she made an installation with her works at the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg, on which occasion a catalogue has been produced. Her works are collected internationally by both private collectors and public institutions.

Peter Davis is known for his shiny gloss paint paintings on aluminium, MDF or glass. He emerged as a young artist in a group of so-called ‘process painters’ in the early nineties. His newest works are made with acrylic on fiberboard using thin tape, creating a refined layered grid or web of thin lines. These new works remind us to his early paintings from the nineties in which he used tape as well.

Davis, born in 1972 in Sutton, Surrey (GB), lives and works in London. After his study at Goldsmith College he started his exhibition career at Karsten Schubert in London. Since then he showed regularly throughout in Europe and United States. He participated in several important painting group shows. Since 1996 he has regularly exhibited at Slewe Gallery.

Why Patterns?: 8 January – 5 February 2011

Why Patterns? 

Participating artists: James Siena, Daan van Golden, Ian Davenport, Ann Pibal, Jerry Zeniuk, Carel Blotkamp, Michael Jacklin, Irma Boom, Joris Geurts, Jorinde Voigt, Stephen Ellis, Jan Dibbets, Martin Gerwers, Xylor Jane, Peter Struycken, Kate Shepherd, Domenico Bianchi, Merina Beekman, Callum Innes, Ditty Ketting, Peter Davis, Kees Goudzwaard, Dan Walsh, Herman de Vries, Steven Aalders

On Saturday 8 January 2011, Slewe Gallery will start out the new year with a group exhibition based on a concept of Steven Aalders:

I went to Zuiderwoude to attend a concert. Morton Feldman's Why Patterns? was being performed. Flute, piano and glockenspiel played individual notes, seemingly unrelated to each other. Only toward the end did the lines converge. Afterwards I cycled home across the dike, the sounds still echoing in my mind. Like a big whitish blue question mark, the IJsselmeer lay to the left, its silvery surface fractured into a fine relief of little waves. Above it moved the clouds in ever-changing formations. Straight lines of polder landscape on the right, dotted with red roofs, and the truncated tower of Ransdorp in the distance. Now and then September light skimmed across the pastures and gave the land a golden blush. "God was great that afternoon," said Nescio, "and benevolent."

Since the beginnings of abstract art, artists have made use of patterns in order to incorporate the problem of figure and background into the two-dimensional surface. They often took inspiration from non-Western visual cultures, as seen in the patterns of oriental carpets or Pre-Columbian objects. Patterns were also employed as independent elements in order to portray growth processes and cycles in nature, as parallels to nature's own manifestations.

The exhibition includes works by twenty five guest and regularly shown artists of the gallery. Patterns, both concrete and ephemeral, set the tone.

On Sunday afternoon 9 January, at 4 pm, the work Why Patterns? by the American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987) will be performed by the Ives Ensemble in the gallery. Admission is free. (rsvp:

Bijker, Davis, Gijzen: 16 January – 20 February 2010

Vanaf zaterdag 16 januari t/m 20 februari is er bij Slewe nieuw werk te zien van drie abstracte schilders van eenzelfde generatie: Geeske Bijker, Peter Davis en Robbert-Jan Gijzen.

Geeske Bijker (*1971, NL) maakt schilderijen met acrylverf en caseïne op polyesterdoek, waarin patronen van scherpe vlakken en lijnen in felle kleuren het beeld bepalen. Bijker heeft haar opleiding gevolgd aan de Rietveld en woont en werkt op dit moment in Berlijn. Dit is haar tweede presentatie bij Slewe.

De Engelse schilder Peter Davis (*1972, GB), bekend van zijn glanzende lakverfschilderijen, toont een aantal recente werken. Zijn schildersgebaar met de wisser, waarmee hij de aangebrachte lakverf, wanneer het nog nat is, weer afneemt, laat een fijn geweven golvend patroon achter. Davis woont en werkt in Londen en exposeert sinds 1996 regelmatig bij Slewe.

Robbert-Jan Gijzen (*1974, Weert) gebruikt in zijn schilderijen teksten als beeldelement. Ze zijn verhuld opgenomen in het ritmische patroon van verfvlakken. De woorden zijn ontleend aan popsongs, die gaan over de rauwheid van het bestaan. Na een ‘zwarte’, een ‘gele’ en een rood/blauwe periode werkt hij de laatste tijd in verschillende grijstinten. Gijzen, in 1999 winnaar van de Koninklijke Subsidie, studeerde aan de Ateliers in Amsterdam, waarna hij regelmatig exposeerde bij Slewe. Hij woont en werkt in Maastricht.

Peter Davis, Guillaume Le Roy: 7 January – 5 February 2006

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibtion by British painter Peter Davis (*1972) and Dutch graphic artist Guillaume Le Roy (*1937) from January 7 until February 5, 2006

Peter Davis: 30 March – 4 May 2002

Peter Davis: 8 January – 12 February 2000

From January 8 until February 12, 2000 an exhibition with new paintings by the young British artist Peter Davis (*1972) will be on view at Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam. On this occasion a small catalog will be published, designed by Irma Boom.

Peter Davis, Callum Innes, Seán Shanahan: 28 March – 25 April 1998

Peter Davis: 11 January – 15 February 1997

Liaisons: 9 December – 12 February 1996

From December 9 1995 until February 12, 1996, Slewe Gallery will host a group exhibition entitled Liaisons. Participating artists are Adam Colton, Peter Davis, Martina Klein, Alice Schorbach, Paul Vos de Wael.