Steven Aalders, Mirror: 30 May – 29 June 2024

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce Steven Aalders' new solo exhibition Mirror, which will open on Thursday, May 30 during Amsterdam Art Week (May 30 to June 2, 2024). The exhibition shows new paintings that were created last year during his stay in the countriside nearby Amsterdam. After forty years, Aalders returned to his parental home, an eighteenth-century parsonage, where he started painting at the age of sixteen. In the series of paintings, he made there, the colours and light return from the surrounding romantic landscape, which he knew from his memory and now saw again. The harmonious proportions of the house and the classicism of the adjacent seventeenth-century church responded to his minimalistic vocabulary, which he has mastered over the years. In addition, he will show a series of paintings inspired by the palette of the French classicist painter Nicolas Poussin. A brochure, designed by Irma Boom, accompanies the exhibition with images and text by the artist and photographs by Kim Zwarts.

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