Merina Beekman / Connaissez-vous la pluie..?

Merina Beekman, Connaissez-vous la pluie...? has been published by Slewe Gallery on the occasion of Beekman's solo exhibition Opium Garden at Slewe Gallery in Amsterdam from February 21 until March 28, 2009 and her solo exhibtion Apparently not enough, again at Museum De Pont in Tilburg from March 19 until May 24, 2009. It is giving an overview of about 15 years work.

64 pages, design Merina Beekman and Rene Put
ISBN 978-90-8860-023-4
Available at the gallery

Merina Beekman / Drawings

Merina Beekman, Drawings has been published by Slewe Gallery at the occasion of her exhibition at Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, February 24 until April 4, 1996.

Design: Irma Boom (16 pages + cover)
Not available anymore