Paul Drissen / Melodernia

Paul Drissen, Melodernia has been published by the Stadsgalerij Heerlen with the support of Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, on the occasion of his exhibition at the Stadsgalerij Heerlen from February 10 until April 10, 2005.

64 pages, with texts by Gregor Jansen, Hans Janssen, Luk Lambrecht and Patricia van der Lugt (Dutch/English)
Design: Arlette Brouwers
ISBN 90-74106-34-X
Available at the gallery

Paul Drissen / Paul Drissen

Paul Drissen has been published by Slewe Gallery on the occasion of his exhibition at Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, August 28 until October 3, 1999.

Design: Irma Boom (16 pages + cover)
Available at the gallery