Krijn de Koning / Krijn de Koning

Krijn de Koning has been published by Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam with the support of Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, Le Grand Cafee, Saint Nazaire, Galerie Serge Le Borgne, Paris, Fonds BKVB and the Sikkens Foundation. It came out at the occasion of the Sikkens Prize Krijn de Koning received in 2007, giving an overview of more than 15 years work.

302 pages with texts by Bas Heijne, and Sven Lütticken (Dutch/English)
Design: Simon Davis, Lauran Schijvens
ISBN 978-90-8690-016-9
Available at the gallery

Krijn de Koning / 1996-1999

Krijn de Koning 1996-1999 has been published by Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, 1999.

Design: Irma Boom (16 pages + cover)
Available at the gallery