Ryan Christopher / Bio

British artist Ryan Christopher (b. 1998) has just finished his two years stay at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. His austere presentation at De Ateliers Offspring exhibition in Autumn 2023 made a big impression on the visitor. With extreme economy of means complex thought was suggested. The works are made with found and poor material, like cloth, blinds and tape. Also sound and references to cultural history are used. As a starting artist he already takes a bold and original position. He refers to old and modern ‘saints’ like St. Perpetua and Simone Weil. His interest in philosophy and religion is a guidance towards new perspectives in these times.

Ryan Christopher lives and works in Coventry (UK). He studied Fine Art at Coventry University (2018-2021), followed by De Ateliers in Amsterdam (2022-2023).

Ryan Christopher / Works