Lesley Foxcroft / Bio

The British artist Lesley Foxcroft (*1948) studied at Camberwell School of Fine Art and has had numerous solo and group shows throughout the UK and Europe from 1974 onwards.

Foxcroft is known for her works created in MDF, but also rubber, card and paper. Her use of these ordinary, everyday products, is an integral part of her expression as a whole: “I like the idea that the uncomplicated has a purpose: that the material does not give a sculpture its value, it is the artist that does'. By methods of folding, cutting, pressing and stacking Foxcroft arranges the material on the floor and up walls to create a dialogue between the two; her installations thereby make the commonplace aesthetic and the two-dimensional architectural. New are her works made from galvanized iron.

For Foxcroft's work with MDF and iron, she renders this hard-edged material into pure delicate forms, resulting in ascetic and ethereal sculptures. They are bold and simple as well. The works can be seen as both structure and adornment within the gallery space, yet they are neither. 

Lesley Foxcroft / Works