Ian Davenport: New Works on Paper: 13 January – 24 February 2018

Slewe Gallery is pleased to present new works on paper by British artist Ian Davenport. The exhibition opens Saturday January 13 and will run until February 24.

For his fourth exhibition at Slewe Gallery, Davenport will show a new series of large colour etchings on paper, which he made in collaboration with Alan Cristea Gallery in London. They consist of both mono prints and editions of his famous poured images. Highlights include the monumental Poured Triptych Etching Ambassadors (After Holbein) of 177 x 255 cm, his largest print to date, of which the colours are abstract interpretations of the colours used in Holbein’s famous painting The Ambassadors, on display at the National Gallery in London, and a new series of silk screen prints featuring a new addition, coloured ‘splats’ of paint, to his process. These prints are accompanied by some recently made unique drawings, entitled Staggered Lines

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Adam Colton, Silver: 3 March – 1 April 2018

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Silver by Adam Colton. It will open Saturday March 3 and will run until April 1. Colton, who is known as a sculptor of organic shaped carvings, will only show new works on paper this time.

Colton's career began in the early eighties with white plaster constructions based on his own leg. His work developed through geometric stone and wood carvings towards organic shaped carvings in the artificial material of polyurethane foam, which he gave a natural feel through sanding and painting them in an off whitish colour. The last years he also casts these forms in aluminum. At the same time, he still occupies himself with sculptural principles as volume, space and weight. The practice of drawing is the underpinning for all his works. The developing process from initial drawing to a three-dimensional object is essential for the outcome of the work. For this exhibition he specially created some different series of drawings, experimenting with various material, like silver paint and iridescent paper, reflecting light and space …

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