Michael Jacklin, Wall, Corner, ...

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Wall, Corner, ... with new sculptures by Dutch artist Michael Jacklin(*1956). The exhibition opens Saturday September 8 and runs until October 6. You can listen to an interview with Michael Jacklin on his new work by Robert van Altena on line.  

Michael Jacklin, known for his man-sized grid sculptures, made of iron, will exhibit a new series of open iron constructions. A subtle play of lines and intervals occurs when you move around them. Jacklin is one of the rare fundamental working sculptors of his generation. He focuses on the specific qualities of the material as well as on the sculptural principles such as mass, rhythm and gravity. Since 1984 he works exclusively with iron. His preference for this material derives from his fascination for iron constructions in architecture.

Jacklin exhibits at Slewe Gallery on a regular base since 1995. In 2010 Slewe published a catalog with an overview of his work and a text by Maarten Bertheux. In 2002 he had an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and in 2000 he had a show at the Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. Last year some large monumental works by him were shown at Art Zuid, a biennial outdoor sculpture route in Amsterdam, which was curated by Rudi Fuchs. His works have been collected by several public and private collections. He has also done several public commissions in Rotterdam, Amstelveen and Gemeente Haarlemermeer. Jacklin lives and works in Amsterdam.